The Organizing Committee

Foreign Policy Talks Discussion Club (FPTDC)


Foreign Policy Talks Discussion Club is an informal group that gathers young foreign policy enthusiasts across the globe. The club is established to discuss the most pressing international issues and to exchange different views on global issues. The members are involved in a regular monthly discussion and publish Foreign Policy Talks Podcast episodes every week. The club is also used as a platform to connect the intellectual minds of future foreign policy thinkers from many countries.


Our Committee

Noto Suoneto.jpg

Thomas Noto Suoneto

Project Director

Thomas Noto Suoneto is a foreign policy analyst and host of Foreign Policy Talks Podcast. His area of interest is on East Asian Affairs, International Political Economy, Indonesia’s Foreign Policy and Indonesia’s relationships with major powers. Noto is an active writer on topics around foreign policy in numerous international outlets. He was the Director for Special Projects and Institutional Relations at Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI), responsible for managing the cooperation with foreign embassies, international organizations and research institutions. Noto graduated with a Master on International Political Economy at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Stanislaus Ivan Gunawan

Project Assistant

Stanislaus Ivan Gunawan is a tech and business development enthusiast. Currently, he is working as a Commercial Associate at one of the biggest healthcare companies in Indonesia. Previously, he also worked as Business Development staff in several companies, and interned in Indonesian Ministry of Trade during his bachelor. He graduated from BINUS University majoring in International Relations.

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Kuntara Ajie Pratama

Session Manager

Kuntara Ajie Pratama is an Export Planning Analyst of the Overseas Business Division at one of the largest automotive manufacturers in Indonesia. He completed his internship at the NCB INTERPOL Indonesia and participated as a committee at the 85th INTERPOL General Assembly with more than 190 member countries joining the assembly in Bali, Indonesia. He is highly experienced in B2B Development and Management, B2B Legal Process, Overseas Business Management, Custom Clearance Management, International Security, and Political Analysis. Kuntara holds a Bachelor of International Relations focused on International Security from BINUS University.

Alvin Ernesto

Session Manager

Alvin Ernesto is a Lecturer in the International Relations Department of BINUS University. He is strongly interested on geopolitical phenomena in the Southeast Asian region and also developmental issues in Indonesia. Apart from being a lecturer, Alvin is working at one of the ODA agencies under the Korean government as the Project Assistant Manager. He is mainly responsible to engage with the government sector, and other relevant counterparts in facilitating the implementation of several strategic national development projects in Indonesia. Alvin holds a master degree in International Relations and International Business from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC).

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Amirahvelda Priyono.jpeg

Amirahvelda Priyono

Session Manager

Amirahvelda Priyono is currently a MA student of Asian Art Histories at the Lasalle College of the Art, Singapore. She is interested in the art history of French colonialism in Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. She has published several articles about Southeast Asian contemporary art in various online media based in the UK, France, and Russia.

Rizky Liberty Siajaya

Session Officer

Rizky is currently taking International Relations as his undergraduate study at Bina Nusantara (BINUS) University. To enrich his knowledge and skills, he involves himself in various organizations and events related to IR. At the present time, He is intrigued by topics about Asian countries’ gastrodiplomacy and national identity, as well as media studies in international politics.

Albert Sutanto.jpeg

Albert Sutanto

External Relationships Manager

Albert is an aspiring businessperson currently focusing on the construction industry and spice trade. He also occasionally invests in underprivileged individuals to build businesses. He has remarkable experiences of working at human resources and innovation consultancy in Singapore. He was also an active student as he led a few organizations in his student times.

Nindita Windriyani Putri

External Relationships Officer

Nindita is currently pursuing International Relations for her bachelor’s degree at BINUS University, Jakarta, Indonesia. She has a deep interest in topics such as international political economy, business & trade, soft-power diplomacy, and Asia's development. Aside from being a student, she is also very active in organizations that focus on foreign affairs studies.

Dea Salsabila.jpeg

Dea Salsabila Defri

Media Officer

Dea is currently studying at the University of Airlangga majoring in International Relations. She is interested in being involved in an organization that has the vision to strengthen bilateral partnerships, international relations, and diplomacy. 


Dea has a few experiences in Public Relations, Communication and Media. She was once the Director of Media and Publication at Airlangga Model United Nations Club and currently involved in various organizations like Indonesian Youth Diplomacy, Australia-Indonesia Youth Association, ASEAN-Australia  Strategic Youth Partnership, Africa-Asia Youth Foundation that focus on bilateral or multilateral relations.

Our Advisors

1. (Advisor) Jefferson Ng.jpg

Jefferson Ng Jin Chuan

Senior Analyst at the RSIS 

Jefferson is a Senior Analyst at the Indonesia Programme. His research mainly covers Indonesia’s parliamentary politics, regional elections, and foreign policy. Prior to joining the Indonesia Programme in September 2019, he obtained an M.Sc degree in Asian Studies at the S.Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) and graduated with first class honours in History at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Dinesh Natarajan

Founder & CEO at Trident Strategy

Dinesh is the Founder and CEO of Trident Strategy, a strategic consultancy based in Singapore. Trident Strategy focuses on two key verticals – strategic partnerships and sports. He has advised several clients ranging from government entities to multi-national corporations and high-net worth individuals. Dinesh has a degree in Law and has worked for Allen & Gledhill and Temasek prior to setting up his own consultancy.


Dinesh has a keen interest in foreign policy & international politics as seen from his representation as part of the Singapore delegation in the Singapore-Indonesia Youth Leaders Exchange Programme & the ASEAN Youth Interfaith Camp. He is also part of the United Nations Young Leaders Training Programme.

2. (Advisor) Dinesh T.jpg