After having a tough selection process, here are the selected participants from Indonesia and Singapore :

Selected Participants from Indonesia

Acyuta Jr.jpg

Acyuta Jr.

Bandung Institute of Technology

I’m Acyuta, a 2nd-year student at Bandung Institute of Technology majoring in Chemical Engineering. Currently pursuing both academic and non-academic activity with high passion. I’m focusing on international activity at the moment and am really grateful for the chance given. I sincerely hope this conference will be beneficial for all of us and for the international community as a whole.

Adhari Koara

Australian National University

Adhari Koara is a recent master’s graduate from the Australian National University majoring in International Relations with specializations in Foreign Policy Analysis and World Politics. He is passionate about the Asia-Pacific, particularly the notion of “the Asian Century” that forecasts the region as the center of world’s economy and politics.

Adhari Koara - Pas Foto - Adhari Koara.jpg
Andrew N.jpg

Andrew William John Nathaniel

Nalar Institute

Andrew William John Nathaniel, Bill, is a young professional and law graduate. Bill was formerly Research Assistant on international investment at the University of Indonesia and interned at the Presidential Executive Office. His experiences include government, academia, CSOs, and in the private sector defense industry. He also advocates social impact sustainability as part of YOUTHTOPIA, Ambassador for Spark Indonesia, and as Founder of The Nalar Institute.

Ariel Ebenhaizer Tandian

Center for Indonesia-China Studies

Ariel is a final-year law student from Brawijaya University concentrating in international law with a passion for foreign policy, human rights, and refugee issues. Besides currently interning as Policy Advocate at AmCham Indonesia, Ariel currently leads an initiative called Center for Indonesia-China Studies (, a student-run think tank focusing on the promotion of China issues and Indonesia-China relations.

Ariel Ebenhaizer Tandian.jpg

Arkan Diptyo

Asia Group Advisors

Arkan is an Economic Analyst for a Government Relations/Public Policy Consulting firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He holds prior experiences at a multinational management consulting firm and an EU-ASEAN focused advisory firm in Brussels, Belgium. Having studied Economics in Belgium and US, Arkan returned to Indonesia in 2019 and dived into work, aligning his passion for the environment to advancing projects about Green Economy.

Calvin Khoe

Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia

Calvin Khoe is Research Associate and Program Development at FPCI Research and Analysis, Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia. He also holds the position as secretary of FPCI’s Multi-Track Diplomacy program –a track 1,5 or track 2 informal policy dialogue and consultation between Indonesia and other countries. Calvin is also the program coordinator of FPCI’s public opinion survey program known as ASEAN-China Survey.

Calvin Khoe.jpg
Dhien Favian.jpg

Dhien Favian

Airlangga University

Dhien Favian is in 4th year of majoring Political Science in Universitas Airlangga. He has an interest in studying politics – both in domestic and international – and he has a significant interest to learn, doing research regarding politics, and writing an essay regarding domestic politics in Indonesia and also political dynamics overseas.

Edwin Winarko Canggadibrata

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies

Edwin Winarko Canggadibrata is an independent researcher. He graduated from the MSc in Asian Studies programme at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in 2021. He is currently working as a research intern in CSIS Indonesia. His research interest is colonial history of Indonesia and Southeast Asia and Indonesian politics. He looks forward to having a fruitful discussion with other participants.


Farida Harliya Prastika

University of Mataram

Farida Harliya Prastika is an undergraduate student in International Relations at the University of Mataram. An aspiring Diplomat aiming to develop more into an expert on foreign policy. Attended the Foreign Policy Talks 2021 organized by the Department of International Relations, University of Mataram. She has won 2 Best Paper Awards and Best Speaker at the Foreign Policy Talks 2021.

Glenn Wijaya

Christian Teo & Partners

Glenn Wijaya is a qualified Indonesian Advocate working as an Associate at Christian Teo & Partners. He graduated magna cum laude from Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia, with a Sarjana Hukum and from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, with an LL.B. in International and European Law. He is now pursuing an LL.M. in Chinese Law at Tsinghua University, the People’s Republic of China.

Glenn Wijaya.jpg
Hendri Surya W_Official Picture-2.jpg

Hendri Surya Widcaksana

UNEP Major Group for Children & Youth

Hendri Surya Widcaksana is a multidisciplinary Computer Science & Electronics graduate from UGM with interests and experiences in environment & sustainability, international affairs, and youth engagement. He's part of the Communications Team at YOUNGO, and Stockholm+50 Youth Task Force Team at UNEP MGCY. He was also awarded Best Delegation at ACYLS 2021 and Global 25Under25 Award 2022, represented Indonesia at HPAIR Harvard Conference, ASEFSU23, and UNEP APAC Ministerial Forum.

Hilmi H. Kartasasmita

Executive Office of The President of The Republic of Indonesia

Hilmi is a driven and passionate young professional with many interests, primarily in the areas of policy, foreign affairs, strategy, and investments. He has key experiences with multiple types of organizations, job function, and localities with demonstrated leadership ability in leading large-scale projects and high impact initiatives. He has an IB Diploma and a BSc (Hons) from The University of Warwick, UK with a stint in China. Presently Hilmi is 1 of 145 professionals at The Executive Office of The President, Republic of Indonesia. This organization acts as the President's think-tank, internal consulting, and delivery assurance unit. Outside the office, he co-founded The Global Indonesia Professionals’ Association, a non-profit association representing young Indonesian Professionals working abroad and presently serves as Head of Indonesia and Head of Strategic Initiatives. 

Mokhamed Ardafillah.jpg

Mokhammad Ardafillah

ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership (AASYP)

A law specialist with interests in government studies, international law, and sustainability with a demonstrated history of working in research, policy  and consulting institutions. Currently serves as a policy and research officer at ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership with a bachelor's degree in law and government and a master's degree in international law.

Priskila Millena

Padjadjaran University

Priskila Millena is a passionate youth majoring International Relations in Universitas Padjadjaran. She puts her interest in diplomacy and leadership as her specialization skills. Meanwhile, she also keens into ASEAN and foreign policy issues as her focused expertise. She was an intern at ASEAN Foundation and responsible as the President of her major’s student union. Hence, she learned the importance of building regional networking among youths.

Priskila Millena.png

Rifia Azka Nabiilah

Padjadjaran University

Rifia Azka Nabiilah is an International Relations student at Universitas Padjadjaran. She has keen interest in International Politics, shown by her achievements in several MUN, such as FPCI Unpad Model United Nations, Padjadjaran International Model United Nations, and Asia Africa International Model United Nations.

Rizki Nur Alifah

University of Indonesia

Rizki is a final-year accounting student from the University of Indonesia. She is now interning at a Big Four accounting firm based in Jakarta. She previously worked for one of Indonesia’s leading think tanks, the Institute for Development of Economics of Finance (INDEF), as a project intern focusing on economic development research. She is interested in environmental economics, sustainability reporting, and the palm oil industry.

Photo of Rizki Nur Alifah.jpeg

Selected Participants from Singapore


Aaron Tan

Nanyang Technological University of Singapore

Aaron Tan is a final year undergraduate at the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, and is aspiring to specialize in International Relations. He enjoys dissecting the intricacies of trending affairs, and interpreting how they would turn out. His main field of interests revolves around ASEAN, and matters concerning East Asian Security.

Clarence Ng Kai Lun

ASEAN Business Youth Association (ABYA)

Clarence is pursuing Politics, Law and Economics at Singapore Management University (SMU), driven by his curiosity on global political and economic transformations and the political and historical drivers of these transformations. In SMU, he served as the President of SMU Social Science Student Society. His sense of adventure also led him to co-found ASEAN Youth Business Association to cultivate more ASEAN-ready youths across ASEAN.

Esther Yeoh.jpg

Esther Yeoh

University of Edinburgh

Esther is an educator residing in Singapore. She graduated with honors in English Literature at the National University of Singapore and is pursuing a Master’s in History at Edinburgh University. A passionate musical and drama practitioner and educator, Esther volunteers with Broadway Weekends, aspiring to increase youth engagement in the arts. She likes watching football, dancing or trying out a new sport outside working hours.

Ian Seow

Nanyang Technological University

Ian Seow Cheng Wei is a student at Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) Public Policy and Global Affairs Programme. He has an interest in history and foreign policy, particularly on Singapore’s and China’s foreign policy. He strongly believes that understanding a country’s history informs and shapes its foreign policy and interactions with other states.

Ian Seow Cheng Wei Professional Photo.jpg

Ingmar Salim

Linkage Asia

Ingmar was born in Jakarta and has lived in Singapore since 1999. He works in leadership development with Linkage Asia and graduated with Honors in History from the National University of Singapore. He has worked in education in Singapore, China, and Vietnam, and is a percussionist who has performed at the Esplanade in Singapore, and the Carnegie Hall and Central Park in New York.

Jun Hao Wong

Nanyang Technological University

Jun Hao Wong is currently a teaching fellow at East West Center. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University with bachelor degree of Arts, Public Policy and Global Affairs. Before, he was the president of the United Nations Students' Association NTU and also an intern at ISEAS - Yusof Ishak Institute (ISEAS).

Jun Hao Lung.jpg
Justin Ho Guo Shun (2).png

Justin Ho Guo Shun

Rotary International

Justin Ho Guo Shun is a seasoned and successful results-oriented global leader with a track record of producing, presenting and managing. Justin Ho Guo Shun is currently a director at the ASEAN Youth Organization. He is also a constituency Member at the UNEP MGCY. He also was the Charter President at the Rotary Club of Philanthropic Entrepreneurs and Advisory Board at the Asian African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and also a mentor at the International Trade Council. He was also active as the Chairperson at International Relations at the United Nations Association of the Philippines.

Kenneth Yeo Yaoren

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies

Kenneth Yeo is a Research Analyst at the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism (ICPVTR), S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS). He specialises in terrorism in Southeast Asia and have written about topics like suicide bombing, maritime terrorism, and counterinsurgency. His most recent research interest focuses on conflict deescaliation and the crime-terror nexus.

Kenneth Yeoh.jpg
Leonard Sim.jpg

Leonard Sim Jun Jie

National University of Singapore Political Science Society

Leonard Sim is a final year student reading a Double Major in Political Science and History and a Minor in China Studies at the National University of Singapore. Leonard takes an interest in China and Chinese Studies, focusing the bulk of his research into Chinese Politics, History, and Society. He believes that the study of History allows us to understand who we are, and how we are as a product of History. Through his work in Political Science, he also researches ethnically diverse societies, attempting to understand why ethnic violence occurs, and how various countries adopt various policies on the matter. In his years at NUS, Leonard has dabbled in a variety of co-curricular activities ranging from RidgeView Café (RV Café), a cooking and baking interest group in his Residential College, to the big stage at NUS Chinese Drama. He is currently the 53rd President of the Political Science Society of NUS, having previously served as its 51st Vice-President, and 50th General Secretary.

Mohamed Fayyaz

National University of Singapore

Mohamed Fayyaz is a final year student reading Political Science at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Whilst his research interest primarily lies in security developments in Africa, he also enjoys studying political Islam in Southeast Asia. In his free time, Fayyaz enjoys off-road motorcycling and museum hopping.

M. Fayyaz.jpeg
Quah Say Jye.jpg

Quah Say Jye

Quah Say Jye is a researcher based in Singapore. He is interested in pursuing a career in academia, and his present research interests lie at the intersection of post-war history of political thought and Southeast Asian studies, with a special focus on Singapore and Indonesia. In his free time, Say Jye enjoys playing the bass guitar.


Asean Youth Organization

Moxika is an undergraduate in National University of Singapore, where she is majoring in Applied and Policy Economics with a second major in Political Science. Her interest in International Affairs deepened after she joined a student organization in university as the International Service Director and was exposed to a myriad of global social issues affecting the world. From there, she was encouraged to volunteer at the ASEAN Youth Organisation where she hopes to contribute to the socio-economic progress of ASEAN through programmes aimed at equipping youths with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead the region. In addition, Moxika’s other interests lie in contributing to the achievement of the UN SDG 2030 Agenda through self-initiated projects, with a focus on Quality Education and Reducing Inequalities.


Saishwar Thirumagan Sri

The Young SEAkers

Saishwar Thirumagan Sri is currently an undergraduate in the National University of Singapore majoring in Political Science. He is currently serving as the Head of Programmes of The Young SEAkers (TYS) Singapore. He has additionally had internships with Gushcloud International, serving as one of the Project Coordinators for the NOW 2021 Youth Unconference and the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Singapore-India Partnership Office.

Velda Wong

Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore

Deeply passionate in using media as a tool for positive social change, Velda aims to create fun, creative and engaging content that touch her readers’ hearts and minds – with a strong focus on content relating to social causes, humanitarian work and world affairs. Preferring to let her work speak for itself, she is a pianist, learning and development specialist, media practitioner and avid community architect.

Velda Wong.jpg

Willie Wee Ye Chiang


Willie works as the Product and Customer Success Lead at StaffAny, a HR tech startup that seeks to transform the future of hourly work. Prior to that, Willie spent six years as a Naval Officer and represented Singapore in the ASEAN Cadet Sail 2016 and the ASEAN Youth Camp 2013. He graduated with a NUS Business Honours Degree and thoroughly enjoyed the interdisciplinary education from the University Scholar Programme. He also has been learning Bahasa Indonesia for a few years.